Couple Made Comics About Their Work in the Tourist Industry

The TourBunny is the mastermind of a guy and his girlfriend who have been working in the tourism industry for over three years now. It’s actually a story of working with people on a daily basis.

“After hearing the same silly questions for the millionth time, we decided to put our experience out for everyone to see,” the creators shared with Bored Panda. “I love my customers and my job. But from hundreds of people I meet and talk to, a few are a little bit different, and the TourBunny is the story about them.”

You can find the TourBunny on Instagram where they religiously share new posts about their experiences.

“This definitely wouldn’t be possible without my amazing partner, and all of my colleagues who kept me sane, but also entertained with their recounts of their experiences,” he added.

Scroll down and take a look at the hilarious illustrations below. Can you relate?