Birgitt Olislagers’ Artwork is an Homage to Nature

The multi-talented artist Birgitt Olislagers is passionate about nature. Her artwork – delicate, bright, and all-around endearing – is in some way an homage to nature. Whether it’s her fine line illustrations or embroidery work, her focus stays the same: showcasing the beauty of plants and celebrating the natural world in all its delightful complexities.

“Nature is my biggest inspiration”, writes the Netherlands-based artist on her website. “With the coming and going of seasons, there is always something to discover. Whether it’s small like a flower in bloom or big as the ever-changing lights and colors in the sky, all you have to do is take a step back, really look around you and find that there is beauty everywhere.”

“Nature has become this wonderful thing in my life that gives me instant gratification,” she added in an interview with Life in Maastricht. “When I walk through the forest, nature keeps surprising me with hidden beauty, waiting to be found by whoever wants to take the time to appreciate it. It’s the ideal place to clear your head and let the surroundings take over.”

And with a small following on Instagram, it’s clear that other people agree with her. Prepare to be inspired.

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