New York City Artist Turns Phone Booth Into an Incredible Floral Display

Floral designer Lewis Miller loves to surprise New Yorkers with elaborate floral bouquets in a practice he calls “flower flashes.” 

According to Miller, the floral designs are meant to stir onlookers into a feeling of wonder and serve as a change of pace from the everyday. In his latest flower flash, Miller and his team turned a Manhattan phone booth into a blooming flower garden with the help of many pink roses and bright blue perennials. 

“We had never done a phone booth before,” Miller told The Gothamist, “We were debating between a phone booth and a fire escape but ultimately this iconic phone booth on 100th Street and West End Avenue won out! During the execution of this particular flash so many neighborhood folks came out to tell us the history of this booth. It’s a working telephone and there is even a children’s book written about it called The Lonely Phone Booth.”

In the past three years, Miller and his team have transformed everything from empty trash cans into oversized vases and statues into living floral arrangements. 

If you want to catch his work in person, you might have to be quick. The arrangements are designed to be taken down after about a day and the flowers are gifted to the public. 

Thankfully, his work also inspires many photographs so you can check them out below.