Bonny Carrera Creates Cool Fruit and Veggie-Shaped Furniture With AI

Who wouldn’t like to have a chair shaped like an orange or a melon in their living room? Okay, maybe there are people who wouldn’t, but we definitely would. This is probably why we are such fans of Bonny Carrera’s recent series of chair and sofa designs inspired by fruit and veggies.

Carrera recently took social media by storm with intriguing furniture that is shaped like fruit and veggies. His designs are on point and often done in a variety of different options, making internet users wish they are turned into reality.

According to Carrera, these intriguing designs have been created with the help of an artificial intelligence program Midjourney. They were a result of the artist’s wish to check out a new creative tool and see its capabilities.

“The fruity armchairs are made with AI midjourney,” Carrera shared with DeMilked in a recent chat. “I just played around with this new tool – no big story behind this collection to tell.”

Bonny Carrera is a 3D artist based in Berlin, Germany. He has several other interesting collaborations with AI, including chairs inspired by eggs, fashion designs based on food, and tables in organic forms.

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