Michael Davydov Makes Fascinating Miniature Houses Confined in Glass Containers

Michael Davydov is a talented artist who creates fascinating miniature houses that he confines in glass containers. His works look like they came straight out of some fantasy world and are displayed in a way that allows the viewer to unpack their intricate details.

Davydov enjoyed building things with his hands from early childhood. He was making simplistic sculptures using any material he could get his hands on, but as he grew older, his creative process became more complex.

Nowadays, Davydov uses clay, paper, fabric, and wood, among other materials, to craft countryside houses, elaborate buildings, and sometimes complete small towns that can fit on one’s palm. They all have imaginative elements added to them, being placed on top of trees or built on Moon-like structures.

Davydov aims to spark imagination with his works but also to send a message about the current state of the world.

“It is not difficult to see in my works the idea of the fragility of the world, behind thin glass—in photographs where these worlds literally fit in one hand,” he shared in a recent chat with Art of Play. “I broke glass several times and repaired some tiny world that had accidentally fallen, but this will not work with our world. It is alone, and it is in our hands.”

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