British Comedian Illustrates Funny Situations

Steve Nelson, also known as Snelse on Instagram, is a gifted artist who uses his talent to put a smile onto his followers’ faces. Being a comedy writer and illustrator, he specializes in silly jokes and illustration. He is based in Brighton, UK, and is also the author of an audible original comedy series titled “The Temp”.

He adores jokes, but “the only thing he hates more than talking in the third person is writing about himself.” Nelson tries to keep up with social media and all the logistics and statistics behind it by posting something funny on his page every day.

He currently has more than 35,000 Instagram followers, but his drawings are worth checking out. We assure you that they’ll brighten up your day because he depicts everyday events in a humorous way. A simple drawing with two lines is everything Nelson needs.

His creations have been featured in media worldwide, including Universal Music, Otherplace Production – The Warren 2021, So Young Magazine, Nature TV, Atari Pilot, and many more.

He also has an online shop where he sells his merchandise. Check out the gallery below to see our favorite images. Don’t forget to follow him on social media for more.