Artist Combines Mythology With Gothic Styles

Abysm Internal describes himself as a “global citizen, designer and illustrator” who creates mythological creatures in various styles like gothic, steampunk, pastel, and others. When creating his masterpieces, he uses inspiration from his mixed backgrounds, travel, and love for stories and subcultures.

“I love a good story more than anything, I’m currently on a quest to find and highlight awesome creatures, symbols, and characters from world mythologies and folk stories,” he said in a post on Bored Panda. He also added that he loves urban subcultures because “some deal with feelings, concepts, other revolve around alternate realities of what the world could have been (or will be(?)), and others yet are mostly aesthetic expressions.”

On his Instagram account, you can find dragon towels, anime hoodies, pillows, bedding sets, and more. If you’re into gothic and steampunk, you should definitely check out his social media account or website, where you can order this amazing and creative stuff.

“I have quite a lot of fun combining the two, also I try to make a living out of putting these designs into print and decorating people’s homes and bodies,” he said.

Check out the gallery below if you want to see our favorites.