Brooke Saward Will Add Some Wanderlust to Your Feed

Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world. But in 2020, tending to our wanderlust has been harder than ever.

Travel bloggers know this more than anyone. The last year had seen a steady drop in international travel and tourism, and the tourism economy at large has been heavily hit by the coronavirus.

Travel influencer Brooke Saward has shaped her career around travel. The face behind World of Wanderlust, Saward documents her adventures on her personal website and accompanying social media pages, with a staggering half a million followers on Instagram alone.

With over 70 countries under her belt, Saward has a lot of experience when it comes to solo travel. “I travel by myself 90% of the time, yet am sometimes joined by family, friends, and even readers,” she explains on her website.

Her goal is to inspire other women to take a leap of faith and do some solo traveling of their own. “The next question is more often than not ‘don’t you get scared traveling alone!?’ and the answer is an overwhelming no!” Saward declares.

“I often write about how hard it can be at times, but I really do love traveling solo as an experience and think it is something we should all experience at some stage in our lives.”

But like most travel influencers, the past year has seen Saward slow down and stay put. Her stunning photos will inspire you to look for beauty in the far corners of the world—at least when traveling is possible.