Find Healing In Symmetry with Marsha Robinson

At the core of Marsha Robinson’s practice is discipline and symmetry. Known for her botanical imagery and Art Deco-inspired designs (but with an added modern flare), Robinson’s compositions combine the organic with the disciplined, allowing her work to possess a certain fluidity while still maintaining order and structure.

Her aim with her work? To promote a sense of healing. “My brain is constantly lighting up with images and ideas that need to be manifested and given life,” she shared with Four Magazine. “If I were to stop that from happening to focus on other things like sitting in front of a computer or waiting tables, I’d shut down emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”

But in order for the magic of artistic creation to be achieved, a certain structure should be maintained.“If we as artists want to progress and make magic happen we can’t wait to have a whim of inspiration come our way to get those wheels turning,” says Robinson. Rathe, “we need to find the strength and spark within ourselves at any given moment to get right down to it and produce. It takes discipline, determination, and most importantly, confidence.”

It seems like a lot of work… But you can also enjoy it for afar by following Robinson’s Instagram page. Below you’ll find a collection of her more recent projects: