Can You Find the Hidden Things in Gergely Dudás’ Illustrations?

Image via thedudolf/Instagram

Do you like puzzles? If that’s so, then you’ll love the works of Gergely Dudás. This Budapest-based artist gained exposure a few years ago after his “seek-and-find” illustration “Where’s the panda?” went viral, and he continues to provide intriguing brain teasers ever since.

While Gergely, also known as The Dudolf in the art world, presented most of his illustrations in the books Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things and Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things, he occasionally shares some of them on Instagram, providing interesting challenges for the users of this social media.

If you are also in for a challenge, we decided to round up some of The Dudolf’s best “seek-and-find” works and present them below. Can you solve them all?