Russia’s Advance Robot Turned Out to Be a Man in a Suit

At the Proyektoria technology forum in Yaroslavl, Russia, a human-sized robot named “Boris,” was introduced to the audience.

TV channel “Russia 24” ran a segment on the robotics forum focusing on Boris performing several tasks like making calculations, replicating people around his dancing and can even respond quickly to the questions asked by the host. It seemed that this robot was one of the most high-tech, advanced machines in the world, or so we were led to believe.

Journalists from the website TJournal raised a few questions about the legitimacy of the robot like how Boris can communicate if he has no sensors and why the internet doesn’t know about the most advanced robot in Russia. And Boris looked like a man would fit perfectly inside and made movements just like a person.

The answer was eventually found after googling the words “robot suit.” Boris was actually a suit with a man inside and not a robot at all. During the forum, no one declared that he was a real robot. There was also a post from social media that showed a visible part of the neck of the person inside the costume. As our hope for the advance robot suddenly disappeared, many memes started to appear, making hilarious posts about the robot.