Cartoonist Makes Funny One-Panel Comics That Reflects On Our Everyday Life

Dennis Goris is a successful man with many talents that he’s proud of. He describes himself as a brand builder, creative director, writer, educator, and cartoonist. On Instagram, he posts one-panel comics that touch on many important things and while still being funny.

“I do a daily commentary on whatever is on my mind. Often it’s the news—especially during COVID,” the artist said in a statement for Bored Panda. “Sometimes it’s seasonal — like holidays or Halloween. Other times it’s just an observation of the silliness I see in things. Sometimes I have a clear idea for a message at the start. Sometimes I just start drawing, and a message will emerge.”

Halloween wasn’t too long ago, and as he mentioned, his Instagram account is currently full of comics about candy corn-stuff.

Throughout his entire career, Goris has been focusing on branding, identity, and creative work for national organizations, institutions, and non-profits. But only a few years ago, he started doing something for his soul: he has taken up painting for the first time in three decades.

He currently has over 3,000 followers on Instagram. Check his comics in the gallery below. Did you like it? Which one was your favorite?