Stefano Bolcato Reimagines Famous Artwork as LEGO Paintings

Stefano Bolcato is an Italian artist who found an intriguing way to combine his passion for famous artworks from the past and his love for LEGO. He reimagines the works of great art masters as LEGO-style paintings.

Bolcato creates his paintings with the oil on canvas technique. He transfers all the recognizable features of famous artwork to his piece but gives them a makeover that you would usually see in LEGO sets. The subjects have all the elements of LEGO figurines, including the characteristic yellow color and brick-like shape.

The list of famous paintings that received Bolcato’s LEGO-makeover includes Caravaggio’s Medusa, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, and René Magritte’s The Song of Man.

“I like to explore and imagine figures in portraits as toys, which has never been seen before,” he shared in a recent interview. “It’s a meeting between the classic and contemporary worlds.”

Bolcato’s works, which he refers to as “interesting and funny creative study,” have been quite popular among art enthusiasts. He had the opportunity to exhibit them in various galleries in Italy but also across Europe and the United States.

The artist also regularly updates his social media pages with his newest LEGO paintings. You can visit his Instagram profile or continue scrolling to check out more of them.