Check Out These Wonderful Artworks On Manhole Covers In Japan

Since the 1980s, various cities in Japan have designed their manhole covers to showcase their unique local cultures. And to honor this artworks, a new festival was created in Tokyo.

A Full-Time Engineer Became a LEGO Artist

Joseph Kraham, a full-time engineer and father of three, is an artist who makes LEGO mosaics. Although he never thought he would become an artist, everything changed in 2014...

Slovakian Artist Paints Adorable Glowing Monsters

Zuzana Žiaková is a Slovakian artist who paints glowing monsters and they are more adorable than you'd think. "They are cute, big, fluffy and they need friends," the artist describer them.

Check Out these Intriguing Murals of Masked Women

Street artist Fin DAC is known for his unique style of urban art that he refers to as Urban Aesthetics. While DAC engages in numerous different projects, his most famous works are murals of...

Talented Artist Creates Masterpieces from Burnt wood, Using a Razor

Hyperrealism, as an art, is complicated because of the level of skill required for this art. Previously, we have seen a few hyperrealism artists who create lifelike portraits. But this artist is completely different, and...

Rain-activated Art Becomes Trendiest New Form of Art

In 2013, artist Peregrine Church got the idea to create art that only appears on rainy days when he learned about superhydrophobic coating – a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water.

Light Installations Reveal Hidden Dimensions

Javier Riera is a Spanish artist known for his projected light and geometry interventions on landscapes. He designs and photographs light projections that hit directly sceneries. The geometric shapes are used to...

Artist Carves Intricate Designs on Fruits

Art comes in many forms, and this Japanese chef proves that food can also be used to create art. Takehiro Kishimoto, a skilled food carver and chef, explores traditional art with fruits....

This Artist Combines Images In the Most Unusual Ways Zulkarnain Ismail is a Malaysian artist with a degree in Multimedia. He draws inspiration from photography and loves combining images in unusual ways.

Illustrator Transforms Picasso’s Famous Paintings into 3D Art

How would Pablo Picasso's famous cubist paintings look like if they were done today with modern technology? Well, illustrator Omar Aqil decided to singlehandedly answer that question. Aqil recently began...