Salman Khoshroo Unveils Intriguing Series of Busts Made Out of Polymer

Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo is known for his unusual projects that allow him to explore various techniques and capabilities of different materials. Recently, Khoshroo presented a series of works that saw him create intriguing busts using polymer.

Khoshroo’s busts show features of the human face in an abstract way. They are formed with thick slabs of polymer, which looks like they were recklessly put together and abandoned before the work was complete.

Some of the busts are made with a single color of polymer, while others feature multiple colors joined together in seemingly random ways. However, there is nothing random about Khoshroo’s works, as each color and shape are meant to project different emotions and personalities.

“I search for materials with interesting behaviors that embody a certain kind of empathetic physical feel. This material is very gestural on its own: The pieces dance and wrestle with this sticky substance to shape it into its final human forms,” Khoshroo told Colossal in a recent interview. 

Khoshroo describes himself as a self-taught artist. He started painting and making sculptures in 2009 and has since become a recognizable name in the art world. He works and lives between London, UK, and Tehran, Iran, while his works have been exhibited all over the world in recent years.