This Artist Treats Living Areas as Blank Canvases With Her Drawing-Like Installations

Anastasia Parmson is an award-winning artist who perceives living areas slightly different than most people. For Parmson, the living rooms and bedrooms are blank canvases that she fills with drawing-like elements.

When you walk into one of Parmson’s installations, you have a feeling like you walked into a 3D drawing. And in a way, that is exactly what her works are.

The process of creating her eye-catching installations starts with sourcing furniture and other home elements like mugs and lamps from resale shops, flea markets, and even sidewalks. She then paints them in white color before drawing contours and details with black paint.

This white and black makeover creates an image of a drawing from a sketchbook that came to life right in front of viewers’ eyes. But the monochromatic look of the installation also has another purpose; to leave space for personal interpretation and pose a question about the concept of home.

“What if home is not defined by an address, a space, or a geographical location? What if, instead, it is defined by the people in our lives?” Parmson tells Colossal. “Maybe home is not a place, but a person. That feeling of being truly seen and understood by someone.”

 Parmson’s thought-provoking installations have been exhibited around the world, including in Australia, New Zealand, and her native Estonia. They can also be explored on her Instagram and official website.