This Influencer Left Her Career in Finance to Travel Full Time

“If you told me 5 years ago: Elona, you’re about to leave your career in finance, travel to some 60 countries and meet your best friends and travel with them, too,” writes philanthropist and luxury travel blogger⁣ Elona Karafin. “If you told me this 5 years ago … I’d say you’re out of your mind.”

A seasoned traveler and Instagram influencer, it’s Karafin’s candid approach to both life and travel that makes her content worth following.

Treating traveling not only as “time off” but also as a self-development tool, Karafin’s posts and accompanying photos provide insight into other cultures and people, and how she treats the world around her with affection and care.

A cancer survivor, Karafin also leads various philanthropic initiatives to help children in underserved communities, and runs a charity for underprivileged kids with cancer.

“Traveling alone takes resilience and an open mind,” she writes on her website. “It takes courage and stepping out of your comfort zone.” But although challenging, Karafin hopes to show others how experiencing other cultures is worthwhile and ultimately life changing.

“I’m so grateful for this life that I get to call my own,” she writes. “What a blessing to be alive.”

Through her posts, she encourages others to have an open heart and mind when it comes to traveling. “You’d be shocked to discover how different your surroundings are when you see them through your own lenses without anyone else’s two cents,” she wrote in one post.

This is exactly the kind of uplifting content we want in our feed!