Liz Carlson Encourages Other Women to Travel Solo

If there’s one thing we’re missing in these uncertain times, it’s international travel. As we get used to a new normal, we test the waters when it comes to new traveling experiences. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, traveler preferences and behaviors have shifted toward low risk, familiar, predictable, and trusted. Travelers are prioritizing independence and authenticity and require reassurance to travel safely.

However, when we finally do return to our favorite pastime, we already have a tour guide in mind. Travel blogger Liz Carlson lives up to her online moniker—the Young Adventuress. With more than a decade of traveling under her belt—and most of it alone—Carlson encourages other women to try independent traveling.

In fact, she even has a blog post, scratch that—a manifesto—about it. “Without sounding incredibly cheesy, I think my happiest moments are when I get emails and messages from readers asking advice about traveling the world, alone, female or otherwise,” says Carlson.

The first thing you should take in mind is that it’s not half as scary as you might think. “For the number of times I legitimately felt in danger, I can give you 1000 examples of beautiful, friendly, and unique moments that surprised me to no end while traveling,” she writes.

With more than 200k followers on Instagram, people are clearly taking note.