Plan Your Next Vacation With This Duo: Compass and Fork

This past year has been a challenge, no doubt about it. During the pandemic, there have been few zero-risk activities. Two things we missed profoundly were eating out and traveling. Now, as we slowly test the waters, we can finally look forward to that next well-deserved vacation.

We might as well “hire” food and travel bloggers Mark And Elizabeth Rudd as our guides. The two have founded the brand and blog Compass & Fork where they share their travel tips and dining experiences with a growing audience (so far, on Instagram alone they have well over 14,000 followers).

Together, the avid travelers have visited over 50 countries over a period of 40 years, worked in about ten, and still have a wish list of places they’ve yet to visit.

“We both traveled extensively for work in our corporate roles as well,” the couple shared in a chat with Travel Awaits. “After the kids were older, we decided it was time to travel more and see some of those places we had always dreamed of visiting.”

Fans of slow traveling, they explore each destination in depth. This means for a minimum of a month they update their site with content and posts about the same country.

“We tend to be independent, active travelers,” they note. “Our travel style is affordable luxury. You won’t find hostels or budget travel, but you’ll find great value, unique accommodation, and experiences.”

Their website includes resources like recipes, health tips, and travel guides, with helpful posts including How to Save Money on Your Trip To Vietnam and How to Find the Best Local Experiences in Latin America. We can’t wait to pack our suitcases, prepare our napkins, and hit the road!