Danielle and Tommy Make the Case for RV Travel

With international travel far from being a feasible option, the past two years have seen a rise in RV traveling. Recreational-vehicle (or RV) travel allows you to distance yourself from crowds of people and reduce the risk of COVID exposure that comes with other forms of travel. And there’s also an additional bonus: RV lifestyle is mighty Instagramable.

Travel bloggers Danielle and Tommy know best. The full-time travelers have embraced the RV lifestyle and have been living on the road since 2016. Having traveled for some four years, alongside their two dogs, Missy and Trip, the couple’s RV travels have taken them to almost all of the lower 48 states in the United States, all over Canada, and up and down Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

“First, came finding the perfect [for us] home-on-wheels,” they recall the process on their personal website. “Several months scouring the internet went by, we toured and test drove a few different Toyota’s—until we found our RV located just outside of Seattle, Washington.” They then ended their lease, sold all of their furniture, packed light, and were headed towards the east coast where they would renovate and rebuild the RV.

Their website and Instagram include before-and-after photos of their RV renovation, as well as documentation from life on the road. “We’ve learned so much from our time on the road,” write the seasoned travelers, “and have both grown so much from this entire experience. From learning how to DIY our RV renovation, to learning how to create multiple streams of income to sustain our lifestyle. It’s not always easy or beautiful, but life was meant to be an adventure!”

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