Champagne Dubois & Her Cat Pony Are Fashion Twins

Many pet owners enjoy dressing their cats and dogs up, but Champagne Dubois is taking things to a whole new level. Her adorable kitty Pony is the most fashionable cat you’ll ever come across, and many of her outfits happen to be inspired by her owner’s own looks.

With around 400,000 followers on both Instagram and TikTok, Dubois became a true social media sensation, and she did it all with Pony by her side. She’s the founder of the successful home décor brand Me Make Pretty, who has a soft spot for dopamine décor and fashion.

Dubois used to work as a commercial photographer before the pandemic hit in 2020, and her career trajectory changed completely during this time.

“It was a really unsettling time (for everyone) and I quickly had to look for other ways outside of work to mentally cope with life’s uncertainty. Alone in my apartment with just my cat, Pony, and the blank walls around me, I started coloring my small world with paint,” she told Voyage LA.

Her social media accounts are dedicated to fashion and design, but that’s not stopping her cat Pony from being their biggest star. Most of Dubois’ posts show her posing with Pony by her side, and they’re both fans of colorful and quirky outfits that usually come in matching colors and styles.