Check Out How This Goose Choose His Human Mom

Image via honk_thegoose/Instagram

Have you ever thought that a goose could have more Instagram followers than you? Honestly, neither have we. But Honk is now a real social media star with more than 80,000 followers. His life changed when he met his mom Cheryl Allison for the first time. He approached her like he somehow knew her. And that’s when their love story began.

Allison started visiting him daily. Their bond became so strong that Honk could fell asleep while enjoying his mom’s lullaby. Back in August, while the goose was still living in the park, swimming in the pond, his human began looking for a sanctuary where Honk could enjoy his life to the fullest.

A couple of months later, Honk the Goose became a resident of the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hutchins, Texas. Today, the worldwide known feathered animal has his merchandise. Face masks, T-shirts, reusable grocery tote bags, cups, aprons, and magnets, etc. are just some of the products you can purchase from his official website, which profit from sales goes to his forever home.

Check out their Instagram profile if you are interested in becoming virtually part of Allison’s and Honk’s story.