Louis Cole Will Inspire You to Travel with Passion and Compassion

Louis John Cole’s passion for adventure is very much contagious. You don’t have to take it from us. With two million subscribers on YouTube and another one million on Instagram, he might as well start a cult.

A seasoned traveler, Cole is known for his entertaining travel content that has an added layer of education and provides a teaching tool for sustainable travel and community-oriented living. But with a moniker like FunForLouis, fun, and more importantly, passion is a core element to what he does.

These days, alongside his online platform, Cole teaches other influencers how to turn their passion into a booming business. His number one tip? Come from a place of being passionate about capturing and sharing moments and “not straight from this mentality that [you] want to make money or jump straight into having Instagram as a revenue generator or a business.”

“That’s an added bonus if you can get to that stage,” he noted in an interview with Entrepreneur where he talked about his business model, “but if that’s your initial goal, it could be quite tricky especially if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing. I think the audience can really notice that as well.”

Some of his more recent projects also include running The Social Good Club, striving to create a community designed to empower others to effect positive change around the challenges we face as a global society. We’re all for it.