Check Out These Adorable Animal Portraits

Like many creators before her, the Belarussian artist named Vitaliya K. finds her inspiration in the animal kingdom. Originally from Pinsk, the painter has spent the last decade in Sicily, Italy, more precisely in the city of Ortigia, which, according to her, was often one of her starting points when creating portraits.

She briefly describes herself as a person fascinated by art, who enjoys seeing the feelings evoked in others by her paintings, as well as the admiration that overwhelms her as she creates it. Although she explored other artistic directions, she remained faithful to brushes and paint.

“My inspiration comes from my two lovely cats, my surroundings, the people I meet, and sometimes whatever picture I have in my head,” Vitaliya K. explained to Bored Panda, and added that because of having too much free time during quarantine she decided to turn her hobby into a career.

She uploads photos of her artwork on her Instagram page daily. Scroll down and take a look at the gallery below.