This Loveable Pooch Helps Break Stereotypes About Bull Terriers

With well over 150k fans on Instagram, Baloo, bright red, bunny-eared Pitbull located in Houston, Texas, uses his platform to debunk some of the myths surrounding Bull Terriers. And with features in Vogue, GQ, and The Dodo, his following is growing stronger by the day.

Rescued in November of 2018, he is an 80 pound American Staffordshire Terrier and Red Heeler mix, which is where his huge ears and gorgeous red coat come from. Specializes in napping all day, burping, and farting simultaneously, his Instagram page will surely put a smile on your face.

“At first my family was very hesitant to let me take him,” admitted Bella, Baloo’s mom in an interview with helloBARK!. “Rescuing a dog was one thing, but rescuing an ‘aggressive breed’ was a whole other story. Thankfully, Baloo ended up being an incredibly socialized and intelligent dog. I was so lucky to have found my perfect dog and soulmate at a shelter right down the road!”

According to Bella, apart from being adorably goofy, Baloo is also incredibly intelligent. “He’s an incredibly balanced dog who was very well socialized before I got him,” says Bella. “He’s great with dogs, cats, and animals of all sizes. He’s protective of me, but when directed, he accepts strangers and new people calmly. He’s very well trained and it’s been a blast working with him.”

And while Baloo is her first rescue, it certainly won’t be her last. Bella says she wants to continue helping rescue dogs as well as advocate for bully breeds until she no longer can. “Rescuing a dog can be one of the hardest, but most rewarding things you can ever do with your life,” she says. “Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons– dogs aren’t a toy, or a short term accessory, but a 10-15 year commitment that will require your full attention, love, and patience. Rescue dogs are so forgiving and loving, but can also be fragile. Be patient with them, and make sure they know you’re there to help them.”

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