Check Out These Adorable Comics About a Girl And Her Pets

Susie is a self-taught illustrator who has two cats and a dog, who are usually the topic of her adorable comics and illustrations.

Most of her art styles are whimsical and cartoonish but she loves to experiment with other styles. In her Instagram page called Catncatcomics, she describes her illustrations as “4-panel comics about cats and a girl who can understand cat-speak.” She also believes that it is a happy place of the internet for cat comics and illustrations.

Check out her comics below:

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Cats don’t only love you for your food providing ability, but it sure helps 😂. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it (and those who don’t, happy day of thanks in general!). ✨ . I am thankful for all of you: family who respond to each of my artwork daily, friends who encourage me, and new friends from the internet who support me and my art. (And for my two cats and dog 🙃🥰). I recently passed the 1k mark in followers, which may not seem like a lot to some, but it’s absolutely mind blowing to me — I appreciate each one of you and am grateful that I can share my love of art with you! ❤️ . I will be hosting a 1k #drawingchallenge in a few days to celebrate with you, and a small combined #giveaway too 😊. Stay tuned! (And seriously, THANK YOU 🧡) . #catncatcomics

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