You Have to Try these 4 New Ways of Making Pizza

There are not quite many foods that can compare to pizza. Hot or cold, with toppings or plain, pizza is always delicious and can make your stomach full and your day better.

Given its popularity, people didn’t shy away to experiment with pizza through the years.  While some of those experiments miserably failed, some stuck around and became quite popular like deep dish pizza. Now while we are one of those people who will take a traditional slice of pizza over everything else any day of the week, we got intrigued by several new ways to make this iconic dish presented by food-based YouTube channel Tasty.

In a recent video, Tasty showcased four unconventional recipes and ways to make pizza that really looks delicious. For example, there is a recipe that shows you how to make a pizza in bread or the one where you basically make pizza inside of pizza.

Now that we got you curious check how you can spice up your pizza life below.