Check Out These Beautiful Botanical Illustrations by Lina Kusaite

Lina Kusaite is Brussels, Belgium-based artist who makes beautiful botanical illustrations. Her works range from simple paper drawings to expansive wall murals.

Kusaite is versatile in her approach to art, having worked on projects including textile art, space design, and various forms of concept art. However, in recent years, the main focus of her creative energy has been nature and its ecosystem.

“This evolved into an interest in designing indoor and outdoor sustainable green environments, looking at the balance between local plant ecosystems and urban environments,” Kusaite explains on her website.

Kusaite’s botanical illustrations are full of intricate details and depict plants and flowers in various stages of their life cycle. This is a result of hours of research that Kusaite puts in before she starts working on an illustration in an effort to showcase the full beauty of her botanical subjects.

This adds a captivating variety to her work, which has been recognized by interior designers, book publishers, and ceramic manufacturers, among others, who use her works in their line of work. You’ll often find Kusaite’s illustrations in hotel lobbies, botanical books, and ceramic pieces like plates.

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