Check Out These Comics Created By An Elementary School Teacher

Summers Off is a masterpiece created by an elementary school teacher called Mojo Rose. She depicts comics about her everyday life in and out of the classroom. She currently has over 23,000 Instagram followers, and many of her colleagues can relate to her drawings.

As the pandemic happened and the countries went in total lockdown, the struggles began to hit. One of the most significant questions was: “How do I continue educating children out of a classroom?” 11 months later, things are the same as they were one year ago.

To “celebrate” the one-year mark of the pandemic and online learning, Rose decided to share all the pros and cons of teaching during COVID-19.

“From the magic of the ‘mute all’ button to the horrors of brown sink water, take a look at life in a school from the people who are trying their best to run the show as normally as they can (or at least not add more trauma to the children),” she shared in a statement for Bored Panda.

However, alongside her pandemic-related-teaching, she also depicts events from the time everything was normal and classes were held in the classroom.

If you are interested to see the hilarious comics, check out the gallery below.