Check Out These Tiny Gardens In A Bottle

Growing houseplants can be an incredibly fulfilling pastime – caring for the plants takes a couple of hours a week at most, and in return, you get your own beautiful urban jungle. But for some plant lovers, simply growing plants isn’t enough. They want to use plants to make art – so they build terrariums.

Terrariums are tiny garden plants in glass containers. The containers can be either closed or open. Terrariums have a ton of advantages – they are small and contained, so they fit in small apartments. They’re easy to care for, as they usually don’t require much watering. They’re easy to clean, and of course, they are absolutely gorgeous.

However, creating a beautiful, healthy terrarium is not such an easy task. It takes the right combination of plants, soil, and containers to create a lush garden in a bottle. Luckily for us, the web is full of guides, tutorials, and how-tos, and there’s more than a few forums and groups dedicated to terrariums all over social media.

But even if you’re not planning to get your hands dirty and build your own bottled garden, terrariums are still so much fun to look at. Check out these amazing bottle gardens from IG.