Check Out This Japanese Art Collective’s Insane Pieces

Art and technology are two important aspects of our modern way of life, but they’re usually kept separate. TeamLab, a Japanese art collective, is trying to change that.

Teamlab is a group of artists, programmers, architects, designers and more, who blend together technology and art to create a new type of art. Instead of two-dimensional paintings that hang in a museum, the collective creates huge installations that go out of the museum and blend into the city.

Their latest project is an exhibition named A Forest Where Gods Live, which stretches throughout the 500,000-square-meter Mifuneyama Rakuen Park on the island of Kyushu. The park, that was created in 1845, borders on a 3,000-year-old sacred Oskusu tree of Takeo Shrine. The exhibition explores the boundaries between nature and man-made structures, the natural life cycle and passage of time.  

Its latest installation is Megalith in the Bath House Ruins, where huge, multi-colored square blocks were installed in old run-down bathhouses. Visitors can stroll between the blocks, touch them and admire their gentle glow set over the background of the old, crumbling bathhouses.

TeamLab’s pieces are like nothing else – they bring modernity, nature, and art together to create something completely new.

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“teamLab Borderless Shanghai” is now set to open in Huangpu District, Shanghai in Fall 2019. ・ teamLab’s museum “teamLab Borderless” which has welcomed 2.3m visitors in its inaugural year in Tokyo comes to Shanghai. The new museum will feature about 50 works by teamLab, including “Forest of Lamps” that will be 1.5 times the size of the one in Tokyo, as well as a monumental installation that will complete at its Shanghai debut after repetitive experiments. These and other massive, never-before-seen artworks will be unveiled at “teamLab Borderless Shanghai”. ・ Wander, Explore, and Discover in teamLab’s largest ever museum in China. ・ 2019年秋、上海・黄浦濱江に開館 「EPSON teamLab无界美术馆:teamLab Borderless Shanghai」 ・ 上海にオープンする、東京で年間230万人が来館したチームラボボーダレス。上海の新ミュージアムでは、チームラボによる約50点の作品郡を展示。東京のおよそ1.5倍の大きさとなる《ランプの森》や、実験を繰り返し、上海で初めて完成状態で展示する巨大な作品はじめ、いくつかの大規模な新作を世界初公開。 ・ チームラボ中国過去最大のミュージアムで、さまよい、探索し、発見する。 ・ 2019年秋开馆 “EPSON teamLab 无界美术馆:teamLab Borderless Shanghai” ・ 每年230万人参观的东京“teamLab Borderless”即将在上海黄浦滨江开馆。“EPSON teamLab无界美术馆:teamLab Borderless Shanghai”将在6,600㎡的巨大空间内,展出约50件艺术作品,其中包括在世界范围内首次公开的作品。 ・ 在中国迄今最大的teamLab美术馆中,彷徨、探索、发现。 ・ #teamlabborderless #teamLab #teamLab无界美术馆 #チームラボボーダレス #チームラボ #trancendingboundaries #Shanghai #HuangpuDistrict #上海 #黄浦濱江 ・ #artcollective #artmuseum #museum #art #exhibition #digitalart #interactive #installation #interactiveart #artgallery #gallery #artinstallation #artexhibition #shanghaiart #アート #チームラボ展 #美術館 #美术馆 #艺术 #境界のないアート

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