Chloe Amy Avery was drawn to textiles from an early age. She studied at the London College of Fashion at the age of 16 and now she creates large scale embroideries that focus mainly on food.

“At first glance, Chloe’s work could be mistaken for paint,” reads her website. “But the atypical medium and texture of thread forces the viewer to question what they see.” Indeed, her hyper-realistic works look more like paintings than anything else. It’s only upon closer inspection that the viewer realizes that they are, in fact, embroideries.

“I portray food using embroidery thread to give a sense of surprise to the viewer, something often mass produced and dismissible a sense of fun and nostalgia, re-crafted and reimagined,” explained Avery in an interview published on Sarah K. Benning’s website.

“I was inspired by people’s food story. As I created I found the platform of social media so helpful to start a conversation and be inspired for more of my work. I use Instagram to showcase my process and work and I have not only gained an amazing amount of support but an invaluable amount of insight into different cultures around food.”

“Food is such a critical part of who we are and having lived in different cities and abroad from where I was born and grew up, I realised that food is a crucial part of people’s stories,” she stressed.

Take a look at some of her striking creations.

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