Chloe Giordano’s Embroidered Animals Look Like the Real Deal (Only Tiny)!

We’ve seen our share of embroidery makers who have pushed their art to the limit, but Chloe Giordano’s critters are so lifelike it’s just ridiculous.

Employing a freehand needle painting style, Giordano’s amazingly picked up embroidery by “trying out various ideas and seeing what worked best, followed by a lot of practice,” as she explains on her website.

She says an animal embroidery takes her about a week to complete, and considering the level of detail, the preciseness of her work, and how tiny it actually is, we’re amazed it doesn’t take a whole month!

“I began to sew in the last year of my illustration degree at the University of the West of England,” writes Giordano, “and since graduating in 2011 I have continued to experiment with freehand embroidery, using sewing thread and hand-dyed fabrics to make my work.”  

We were not surprised to learn that among Giordano’s clients are huge names like Bloomsbury, Vintage Book, Liberty, Penguin, Frances Lincoln, the BFI and more. She even has a book, The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano, coming out this month on Search Press!

If you like rabbits, adore deers, can’t get enough of badgers — Chloe Giordano has your fix. Check out more of her Instagram uploads, and consider ordering more from her online shop: