Emotions Embodied In Paintings By Tiana Maros

Vienna-based Croatian artist Tiana Maros uses a combination of 3D modeling, 2D digital painting, and traditional painting to create her original and effective pieces of art that haven’t yet gained the Internet popularity they deserve. She is a professional artist, educated in Vienna and California, currently focused on the project of painting her emotions on canvas in a series called ‘Skin Deep’.  

Over the years, Maros has fought with the intensity of her emotions and she figured that what felt the most deliberating and productive at the same time was creating art. She decided to start painting her feelings and sharing the results online so she could help others relate to her experience. Anger, love, intimacy, sadness, loneliness, insecurity – those are all motifs that can be seen in her work.  

For many of the paintings, she uses canvases that are larger than herself, because that way she can overwhelm the viewers with painted emotions and enhance their experience.  

Her main goal is to be understood as she wants people to know how she feels and to create a world where her experience will be shared.  

Check out the pictures below to connect Maros’ authentic paintings and her sensitive and emotional world.