Colorado Mystery Man Creates the Funniest, Puniest Signs Ever

Image by captivarting/Instagram

If you like good puns and funny signs, then you’ll love the work done by mysterious man, only known for his pseudonym “Vince,” in Indian Hills Community, Colorado. Vince is responsible for single-handedly making the life of people from this area brighter by serving them a weekly dose of humor and quality puns through community center’s space for signs.

Vince started volunteering at the center five years ago and decided he should get creative with signs in order to get the people’s attention. His puns proved to be a big hit, and he continued to think a couple of new ones each week since then.

“I also try to create unique holiday puns/saying, and current events that I feel are important. It is hard to keep coming up with the material, but I do try” – Vince said about his mission.

Take a look at some of his best and f(p)uniest works below.