Sculptur Imitates Animal’s Natural Gestures

Micheal Alm is a Seattle based sculptor, and he creates lifelike animal sculptors. He uses shaved wood to add some realistic features like glass eyes and more to complete the anatomical studies. This sculptor’s work imitates animal’s natural gestures. One example is Jack Rabbit, which is, captured mid-stride.

When he presents the animal in motion, it makes it easier to see the tension through the wood strips as they cross over each other. The veneer has some gaps to accentuate the tension while lightening the creature’s visual weight. Alm highlights elements that contribute to the movement of the animal. This gives the animal a strong and delicate look.

This talented sculptor is a furniture maker, and he uses byproducts of his work as materials for this art. When he mills wood, the remaining strips are reused for the sculptures. The art is so good that it resembles actual muscle and sinew. He has perfected the art over time.

See some of his amazing sculptures below.