Couple Gets Married 12 Times on 12 Different Locations Around the World

Despite being important and beautiful life events, weddings can also bring a lot of stressful moments for most newlyweds. But not for Kenji and Taylor Taniguchi. In fact, they enjoyed their wedding ceremony so much that they decided to repeat it 11 more times.

Kenji and Taylor had 12 wedding ceremonies in 12 months on 12 different locations around the world. Their first wedding took place in their home state of California, and then they had ceremonies in Israel, Italy, Ireland, Thailand, Cuba and Indonesia.

“I wanted to make sure she had something memorable,” said Kenji about their feat. “She wanted a destination wedding.”

You can learn more details about this story in the video below.

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The story on how I acquired this dress is as beautiful as the dress itself. For those who don't know I'm a flight attendant and our crew mates are constantly changing each trip. One day I walked on to the airplane to work a Cancun turn and there was the beautiful @flawsomelife76. We instantly become Jumpseat Sisters. Our hearts connected the second we started talking. Before Kenji and I embarked on this crazy wedding journey I didn't share with alot of people what we were planning to do. I just felt like people didn't understand or wouldn't believe we would follow thru with it. Something about Shapago made me feel so comfortable so I dished out all the details of our crazy adventure. Her eyes lit up and her excitement was as if she had known me for years. A few moments later she turns to me and says "Tay I want you to have my wedding dress for your trips." My mouth dropped I couldn't believe what she was saying. She had shown me pictures of the dress earlier and I couldn't believe how stunning it was. I insisted that I couldn't accept it. She insisted she wanted me to have it. I told her Kenji & I would pay for it. She wouldn't accept it. I did finally accept her beautiful gift and it was truly an honor wearing it. Knowing that someone so beautiful with such a beautiful heart had once worn this dress to marry the love of her life and now I was doing the same thing is a moment I will never forget. I truly believe God puts people in your life for a reason and Shapago you were such a blessing in my life. We are Forever Jumpseat sisters. – #travelwriter #travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourism #instago #passportready #travelblogger #wanderlust #ilovetravel #writetotravel #instatravelling #travelblogger #instapassport #postcardsfromtheworld #traveldeeper  #travelstroke #travelling #traveltheworld #igtravel #getaway #wedding #couples #fashion #travelcouple #travelbug #roundtheworld #picoftheday #vacationswithlove #couplesgoalsmotivation #like4like

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