Couple Makes Hand-Crafted Jewelry Inspired By Video Games

Maxim and Diana of Maple Fox Wood is a Russian artistic duo who creates unique jewelry pieces inspired by video games including Warhammer, Dota 2, and The Witcher 3. To create their pendants, rings, figurines, and night lights, the couple uses wood, horns, mother of pearl, and epoxy resin.

“Diana is an artist and painter, so her main activity in the workshop is precisely artistic. She generates and draws sketches for future artwork, participates in the creation of complex compositions,” they wrote on Bored Panda. Maxim’s work is mostly focused on resin casting, they added, shaping future products, grinding, polishing, and manufacturing of all wooden parts and decorations.

If you are interested to see their collections, check out the gallery below, or have a look at their Instagram for more.