Cuong Nguyen Does Incredible Chalk Portraits on Asphalt

Drawing on asphalt and pavements is something most of us did when we were kids. It wasn’t any different with Vietnamese artist Cuong Nguyen, except that he continued to do the same once he got older.

As he was growing up in Vietnam, art wasn’t just a hobby for Nguyen. It was also a way to earn money, drawing portraits for people on the streets of Saigon to help his family.

In the early ’90s, Nguyen got a chance to move to the United States, where he temporarily abandoned his passion for drawing and got engaged in various other forms of creative work, including working as an icon designer for one company.

Years later, Nguyen received a chance to return to making portraits when a friend of his invited him to take part in one street art festival in San Rafael, California. He did a small portrait on asphalt using chalk and fell in love with this type of art.

Since then, Nguyen took part in many festivals all around the world, honing his skills and presenting the audience with incredible works. His portraits are imposing, full of details, and life-like to an amazing extent.

You can check out some of them below.