Talented Dutch Illustrator Turns Other People’s Pets Into Disney Characters

We can all agree that Disney has some of the most adorable pets and animals in the world of animated movies. Disney’s style is unique thanks to the combination of realistic elements with fantasy and imaginative moments that make its characters relatable and beloved.

It goes without saying that we all love our pets the way there are. However, sometimes we can’t help but wonder how they would look like if they were made into a star of a Disney animated movie. Just imagine your little Chihuahua or your grumpy cat heading on an adventure through Disney’s magic realm! Well, we have some news for you. Thanks to Dutch illustrator Isa Bredt, that can become a reality.

Since 2014, this talented 23-year-old has been turning other people’s pets into adorable Disney characters. Bredt does portraits of pets in Disney style, and she’s so spot on that you wouldn’t be able to notice the difference between her illustrations and drawings from Disney animators.

Bredt regularly showcases her works on her Instagram page Pet Disneyfication and has amassed a huge following on this social media. She also occasionally takes requests from her followers, so your pet might be next to get the Disney treatment. In the meanwhile, check out more of her works below.