Delectable Crocheted Food Art By Kate Jenkins

Image via kjcardigan/Instagram

Kate Jenkins learned how to knit and crochet at the tender age of eight. Since then, she has been creating ‘things’ with yarn and one of her most famous artworks is Crocheted Food Art, where you can see her these deliciously appealing food made of wool and yarn.

From lobster to salad to French fries, Jenkins can create anything imaginable. Her food designs have great color and texture, and the realistic shapes look so yummy you wish they’re edible.

“While my journey has been varied and exciting, one thing never changes. Whatever I create, whether it’s a carton of French fries, a tin of sardines or a box of frogs I always include lots of warmth and a dash of wit. Above all, I want my work to make people smile,” she wrote on her website.