This Comics is For People Who Like Dark Humor

Image via J. L. Westover/Twitter

On Sept. 20, J.L. Westover, better known as Mr. Lovenstein, will be celebrating eight years of creating comics which he describes as “Sad and pathetic, but in a funny way.”

Lovenstein said that he’s interested in the ways we find humor in things that usually cause us stress and pain.

“We seek laughter when we’re suffering,” he told Bored Panda. “I like to explore that suffering and isolate what’s so damn funny about it. Why do we find cringe funny? Why do bad movies make us laugh? I also find life to be utterly absurd and you can show how absurd it is with very little effort.”

“When someone resonates with my work, it’s perhaps the single most gratifying part of creating anything,” he continued. “It’s hard to speak for my audience, but I think they’re overall lovers of comedy. I could get all philosophical and introspective, but above all else I make jokes and people like to laugh. Maybe if you scratch below the surface, some are drawn to the tinge of sadness, the absurdism, and the utter silliness of it all.”