Devoney Scarfe Makes Artsy Pies Out of Boredom

In 2020, most of the countries have experienced lockdown, which affected people in different ways. Some got anxious or bored, while others took the time to improve their hobbies. Like, Auckland-based Devoney Scarfe did.

In March, she began making pies that look like beautiful art pieces. Inspired by her everyday life and things that surround her, the mom of two and a part-time graphic designer explained that she started making pies “as a way of relieving the boredom, fulfilling my creativity, and also getting dinner on the table.”

“My pies are mostly inspired by my family, my moods, and internet culture. They are a mix of social commentary and sweet delights,” Scarfe said and added that each pie took her more than 72 hours to make and just five minutes to eat.

She is also great at embroidery and making other delicious things, like cakes or cookies. If you are interested to see her deliciousness, check out the gallery below and follow her on Instagram, where she shares delicious recipes.