Evie and Emmie Farrell Found the Perfect Solution for Travel During COVID

Traveling during Covid has been next to impossible. But for seasoned travelers, who actually spend their lives on the road, the pandemic has been a test of endurance, and more importantly—creativity. Australian mother and daughter duo Evie and Emmie Farrell tried to make the most of these testing times.

The full-time travelers have been traveling for years now, sharing their experiences on their blog and Instagram account Mumpack Travel. “I’ve always thought that in 10 years, my daughter Emmie wouldn’t thank me for installing a brand new kitchen and bathroom in our home, but she would thank me for filling her early years with amazing experiences, learnings, and sights and sounds from around the world,” explained mom Evie Farrell on their website.

A life filled with adventure is a life worth living. But with COVID, the single mother and daughter needed to find an arrangement that was both exciting and safe. Their solution? Heading down to Magnetic Island on the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland, Australia. A 20-minute ferry ride from Townsville, its community consists of just 2,000 locals, and provides just the scenic backdrop for their Instagramable lifestyle.

“I still feel the need to travel, but I’m loving being here,” admitted Farrell in a piece published on Mamamia. “I have met so many of these strong women here on the island. It’s a magical place, and it feels right. For now, the island is our home.”

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