Dog Wanted to Visit His Friends So Badly That He “Cried “

TikToker @calipolarbearcom recently posted a video that melted the hearts of social media users and will do the same to you. It shows a dog wanting to visit his next-door friends so badly that he “cried”.

Apparently, @calipolarbearcom was vacuuming her car when she received a text that her neighbor’s dog Beaver “has been crying for 10 minutes” because he wanted to come to visit and say hi to his buddies. She, of course, said yes, and it wasn’t long before Beaver came running to her garage.

After letting him in the house, @calipolarbearcom captured the moment of Beaver’s joy to see her two dogs, and it is the most adorable thing ever.

The clip of Beaver’s visit prompted some TikTok users to hope for the same relationship with their neighbors.  

“I want neighbors like that one day where our dogs can just go to each others house,” @itstaybabyyy wrote.

Others wanted to see Beaver have a sleepover with his friends.

“Beaver needs a sleepover,” @.jkmsb added.

However, it turns out that Beaver and his next-door friends actually have sleepovers. @calipolarbearcom later posted a video of one of the sleepovers, and it makes the whole thing even more heartwarming.