Dutch Artist Turned Herself Into Adorable Cartoon Illustrations

Have you ever wondered how would you look like if you were a cartoon character? Well, Laura Brouwers did! She used her incredible art skills to turn herself and other people into cartoon illustrations.

Laura is a digital artist and illustrator from the Netherlands, whose artwork attracted more than 1.5 million people on Instagram, where she’s known as Cyarine. Her unique style and vibrant colors combined with original ideas are what made her stand out from other artists.

This talented girl enjoys being part of the art community and she also has a YouTube channel where she likes to share her experiences, give advice and communicate with other artists.

“Transparency and sharing are very important and I hope that other artists do it as well. If we share our experiences as freelancers and working for clients, everybody is going to grow from it, becoming one big family. There is room for everybody in the industry. Don’t worry about competing and tearing each other down. If we raise each other up, the industry will be healthier and we get paid better and everybody will be happier.”

In Laura’s large collection of artwork, you can find some amazing illustrations in which she depicted herself, and some other people, like cartoon characters. The result is adorable and it’s worth taking a look.