Have You Ever Seen a Translucent Frog’s Heartbeat? Here’s a Video

Nature always shocks us with her incredible creatures. Some of them are so bizarre but interesting to look at.

The glass frog or translucent frog as it is called is one of the bizarre offerings of nature. A trending video on Instagram showed how this little creature lives up close.

The frogs are really small with the largest ones being just two inches long. Glass frogs live along secluded streams and can only be found in dense jungles. The environment is ideal for them because they can blend into it seamlessly with their translucent skin. This feature also keeps them safe from predators that may lurk in the environment.

Another remarkable thing about this creature is the fact that it leaves nothing to our imagination. You can see it’s organs as they work from its transparent skin. It is weird but a bit interesting. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.