Experience a Different Kind of Traveling with I Like Local

The ways in which we experience a place and a culture change depending on our point of view. There’s a huge difference between traveling like a visitor to a foreign country and traveling like a native-born. Indeed, visiting a place with the intention of learning it inside-out, makes for a more meaningful experience.

I Like Local aims to bridge the gap between cultures, bringing people together so as to create deeper connections and lasting memories. The online platform is a responsible travel marketplace that allows travelers to directly connect with locals and book authentic stays and experiences, making the switch between traveling like a tourist to traveling like a local.

“We’re not a traditional company,” reads their website. “We are a company with new principles that prepares for a different, more sustainable way of doing business.” According to their website, their aim is to connect people from different cultures and different walks of life so as to leave a positive footprint and create value for both tourists and locals.

“We believe in the transformational power of travel,” the write. “Immersing in the life of locals facilitates better understanding and gives travelers a new perspective.” According to their website, 100% of the money asked by local hosts is paid to them, offering locals a sustainable way to earn money and provide travelers with in-depth travel experiences.

Their goal—more inclusive tourism—means contributing to making rural territories more accessible for both locals and visitors of different generations and different access needs, thus providing a better quality of life for all.

This is one company we can actually stand behind!