Explore Carolyn Hutchings Edlund’s Landscape Paintings

Carolyn Hutchings Edlund admits to finding creative stimulation in unlikely places, such as a city street bathed in glistening or late-day light following a rain shower. “Such stimuli are the seeds from which ideas grow,” she noted in a piece published on Artsy Shark.

But while her creative stimulation can be found in the mundanities of everyday life, her artistic creation is rooted in the natural world in all its richness and transcendence. Born in Rhode Island and based in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, Edlund is very much taken by the natural world and its inhabitants, which she explores on canvas.

“The natural world compels me to explore it, delve deeper into it, and use the tools at my disposal to paint some frisson of my visceral connection to it,” she writes. She treats her art as a sort of metaphorical bride that communicates her ideas to others. “All of my work is a communication between me and you, inviting you to create your own narrative within the context of the art and to experience the art in a positive and satisfying way,” she writes, inviting us viewers further inside her realistic landscapes.

Her landscapes, painted in vivid colors and striking detail, might be mistaken at first for photographs. It’s only upon further inspection that her brushstrokes can be discerned. Take a careful look.