Explore Menw Hurkens’ Cabinet of Curiosities

    Menw Hurkens’ collection of paper ephemera is to die for. Obsessed with anything paper-related, including postcards, stickers, and washi tape, her collection will inspire you to handcraft a greeting card this holiday season.

    “Creativity comes from a long way back and has developed throughout the years in an always present character trait,” Hurkens shared with Surely Simple. “As a kid, I was always busy collecting things, wooden boxes, postage stamps, poetry illustrations, books, paper, but also ladybugs or tadpoles.”

    “Some of my favorite things to do is decorating envelopes, making flipbooks and collages and write letters,” she went on to say. “I seriously get happy by unpacking mail and discover a little bit of the world from the person behind it.”

    Based in Maastricht, Hurkens works as a project manager at the University of Maastricht. But she also sells bits and pieces from her vintage paper collection at her online Etsy shop.

    Take a peek at her cabinet of curiosities: